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New Products & Services from The Child Whisperer Photographer

'Let's Get Your Portrait Art on Display, Not Hidden Away!'

If you've read my blog post 'A Whole New Me' you'll know some of the reasons that I am now providing new products & services for you. For those of you who haven't here is a little recap, you should NOT just be handed a little stick, told good luck & sent on your merry way!

Sadly 95% of people I speak to admit they do nothing with their family portraits. Every single client I have photographed loved their images & had big plans for their portraits. Some spoke to me about creating their own albums throughout the year, for a full year of memories, others wanted to build a photo wall, but for all of us, sadly, life gets in the way!

Come on be honest, raise your hand if you have beautiful family portraits hidden away on a USB collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Quite frankly that makes me immensely sad. Just think, what happens when you finally decide to take a peek at those beautiful images a year or two down the line only to discover it's missing or something else has been put on there or even worse, all you have is a corrupted USB.

I decided there had to be a better way, a way to support you with your display decisions & hold your hand through a quick & painless process. Helping you to not only show your beautiful family portraits as artwork in your home but also to protect, preserve & share those memories for years to come.

I remember, oh so many years ago, sitting with my Gran looking through boxes of old photographs. The boxes weren't organised in any way, the photographs could only be described as snapshots & I didn't really remember most of the people in them but because of those photographs I felt a connection to them. I saw my Grandad looking formal but dashing in his uniform & then relaxed with his sleeves rolled up sat on the hood of a truck. I saw how glamorous my Gran was when she was young & the fact that she was a bit of a rebel. Do you have memories like those? Will your children & grandchildren be able to have memories like those? In a world of Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat I think the answer will be, no.

Relax, I'll Take Care Of It

Trust me when I say my whole process is so much better than handing you a little stick & sending you on your way. From the first step of a free, no obligation, pre-session consultation, where we talk through everything, from choosing the right products for you & your home, to what to wear during your session, right through to the delivery of your portrait art, I'll help you every step of the way.

I believe so strongly in the value of printed portrait art for you & your family that I now offer a unique pricing structure to support this. I have two set session fees of £100 or £175, this depends upon which session you choose, not unusual I hear you say. Well, what's different about my session fee is that 100% of it goes towards your choice of printed products.

After your session we will arrange a gallery viewing, which takes place in the comfort of your own home. During your gallery viewing you will get to sit back, relax & enjoy a slideshow, on your TV, of your fantastic portraits. Then we go through & choose your 'yes' images, the ones you just can't live without. Finally, using a brilliant piece of software, I can show you exactly what your portrait art will look like on the walls. If you send me a photo beforehand I can even use your own walls in the software. The whole process only takes approximately 1 hour.

The benefits to this process are extensive! You know you are getting the right products for you, at the right size for your home. You know what you're getting will look fantastic on the walls of your home before you buy it. Choosing, designing & ordering takes less time than cooking a full family meal. Finally, even if in years to come that file becomes corrupted, you will always have the beautiful memory in print, to share with your family, for generations.

A Professional Service

From the very beginning through to the very end you can rest assured you will receive a professional, high quality service, combined with high quality products provided by a professional printing company.

I personally check & edit each photograph before your gallery viewing, then recheck your chosen images before placing the order. Once your order arrives I check the prints & products to ensure they are of the best standard. If there are any issues (which is very rare) I deal with them immediately before delivering your artwork to you.

I also offer a guarantee to ensure you are 100% happy with the whole process, which is designed to ensure you get family portrait art you love.

Let's Celebrate!

I'm so excited to be providing great service & fantastic products that I have decided I want to celebrate with a special launch offer for everyone on my VIP list & don't worry if you are a client who has had their portrait session already, I'm not going to leave you out. Keep an eye on your inbox for some wall art designs from your last session & an extra special offer just for you.

'Let's Get Your Portrait Art on Display, Not Hidden Away!'



Would you like to become part of the Child Whisperer Family?

Yes, fantastic.

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