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A Mistake Can Be Beautiful!

I wanted to share the story behind this portrait because there is a lesson to be learnt from this & one I will not quickly forget.


One of the family portrait sessions available is a 'True Colours' studio session, if you've seen one of the images from a True Colours session you'll know they are extremely bright, colourful & full of fun. The portraits are created using a setup called butterfly lighting with one key difference to create the True Colours effect, an added flash pointed at the wall behind the subject with a coloured gel attached.

So why was this one different?

Occasionally during a session the gelled flash doesn't fire & usually those images are instantly removed from my editing workflow. This one however was just too stunning to delete!

The expression on her face combined with the connection to the viewer just spoke to me & needed a different style of edit. I decided to try a fine art style which I fell in love with instantly! So an image which which would ordinarily have gone in my discard pile has become a beautiful portrait art piece & lady luck was definitely shining on me that day because I was able to produce a matching portrait of her sister.


From a flash not firing to a beautiful portrait art piece for the wall just shows that the old adage 'when life hands you lemons, make lemonade' is so true in all aspects of our work & life & I'm so grateful I discovered this happy mistake, it has sparked a fine art project idea which I can't wait to get started on as soon as I can reopen the studio doors.

Stay safe everyone & I'll see you soon.



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