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A Charity Partner Close To My Heart

Throughout 2019 I supported various individuals & schools by donating portrait experience gift vouchers for them to sell or raffle at their events (which I will continue to do this year) but I have also wanted to partner with and support a local charity on a more regular basis.

Not only did I want the charity to be local I also wanted it to be meaningful to me & my business. After a little research and contact with the coordinator I'm so please to announce Faith in Families as my charity partner this year.

Faith in Families logo

Getting Personal

So who are Faith in Families and why did I choose them?

Faith in Families is a registered charity and independent adoption agency, known as Adopt Together. They are based in Nottingham but work throughout the East Midlands helping children find their forever family. They have a small, highly professional and experienced team of adoption specialists who are dedicated in ensuring that each families adoption journey is as smooth as possible. They also offer adoption support services, volunteering opportunities and training and consultancy programmes.


Now I don't usually open up too much about my personal life but on this occasion I feel it's important to share why Faith in Families is meaningful to me.

Very few people know that I actually went through the adoption process as a child. When I was very young my parents divorced and I lived with my Mum. After a while she met someone, fell in love and remarried, not an uncommon occurrence but what made our situation different was that they made the decision for my dad to adopt me. I know that everyone involved felt they were making the best decisions for me and wanted me to feel part of a whole family. I must tell you that I have a wonderful family and I'm so lucky to have the love and support of so many people in my life but as a child going through that process was confusing, emotional and at times difficult to come to terms with. I can't imagine what it must be like for so many children and families who have been through serious trauma and I'm so grateful that Faith in Families is able to offer guidance and support through an emotional time in their lives and that's why I have chosen to support them this year.

How Will I Fundraise In 2020

  • For every competition or promotional session I require a £25 refundable booking deposit to secure the session date and time. This deposit is either refunded or used towards portrait art purchases during your gallery viewing. This year I am adding the option to donate your deposit to Faith in Families, donations will be collected over a period of time and then presented to Faith in Families at various points in the year, I'm hoping to work out a way to show a fundraising page on my website so everyone can see our progress.

  • I will also be running special promotional sessions this year where the booking deposit must be donated to Faith in Families to qualify for the session offer. All families who take part in these fundraising promotions will receive the session, gallery viewing and a professionally framed desk portrait, together worth £100, for just the £25 donation.

  • I have a meeting scheduled with the fundraising coordinator to discuss more ways we can work together throughout 2020, I'll share the details soon.

Keep Up To Date By Becoming A VIP

If you would like to keep up to date with our fundraising efforts and notified of the portrait offers and events during 2020 sign up to my VIP email list, you'll also receive a free family Ezine to enjoy on your next coffee break, just click the link or image below and enter your details on the sign up page.

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