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 The Baby Plan 

Join my portrait club and capture your little ones first precious year

Those tiny fingers and tiny toes,  precious smiles and milestones.

Everyone tells you that baby's first year passes in the blink of an eye, that they change so much and it's difficult to remember how small they were. It's so true and such a precious time but people forget that baby's first year is also parents first year. Through the tears of joy and frustration during  what's basically the biggest learning curve of adult life you have made it, that tiny bundle you took home becomes a little person before your very eyes and I would love to help you capture this journey to remember in years to come.

Mummy you'll make it through tears of joy and frustration on this amazing journey so

let me help you capture your families first year for you to remember always.

I have 2 unique ways to join the club and whichever is right for you will include a personal consultation to plan exactly what you want to achieve for your home, 3 portrait sessions over a 12- 18 month period and an amazing viewing experience after each session plus a personal online gallery for your extended family to view and purchase should they wish to.


The 12 month plan - spread the cost over 12 months and know exactly what portrait art and digital options you'll receive throughout the plan . There are three plan options to choose from, each include wall art, digital negatives and an album documenting your journey at the end of the plan.

Pay as you go - the club entrance fee includes your consultation,  3 sessions and gallery viewing experiences plus a gift Triple Folio at any point in your plan (or save it until the end and include 1 image from each session).  Additional portrait art and digital products are chosen at each of your gallery viewings  with year end gift incentives for various investment levels.



Spread the cost over 12 months and know exactly what portrait art and digital options you'll receive throughout the plan



A Triple Folio is included and you choose your portrait art and digital purchases at each gallery viewing. End of plan gift incentives are available for various investment levels.

If you're  not sure and would like to chat before you decide to choose me as your photographer I completely understand, it's a big decision and I want you to be 100% sure that I'm the right person you want to share your baby's first year with so I'm happy to book a consultation with you free of charge. This can be in person, over the phone or via Zoom, just drop me an email or give me a call on 07709089922 to compare diaries.



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